Jane Gavan is an artist and academic at the University of Sydney, in the School of Contemporary Art (SCA). 

Jane's practice follows two interrelated paths - the first is studio research into innovative and sustainable use of materials and processes for artists, and the second explores the potential benefits and critical issues for artist exemplars within manufacturing communities.

Raising rates of innovation for organisations

I have worked with organisations to increase rates of innovation by uncovering the one thing that is needed for innovation -  individual creativity. The good news is everyone has this capacity, they usually just need to be shown what it looks like and how it works in an accessible and evidence based way.

I have uncovered multiple valuable innovation opportunities for organisations after embedding myself through immersive 'creative residency',  where all aspects of a community are explored.

I often connect industry to university research teams or government groups to solve problems or test ideas.


Jane's studio work focuses on the innovative and sustainable use of materials and processes in the creation of installation, sculpture and design objects. Materials that often feature in Jane's work are glass, ceramics, metal, wood, paper, pigments, and recycled plastics.  Many works involve light, colour and pattern. Jane is especially interested in exploring pattern that is organically generated, that is, it is the same but different, different but the same.

Many works can be described as 3D haikus, that is that they are developed using the minimum of materials and energy to produce often large scale works. Jane is inspired material science and Biomymicry, especially the work of scientists  Janine Benyus and Chiara Neto.  The projects often seek to combine old, even ancient techniques of manufacturing and material production with contemporary forms and applications. A recent visit to Portugal, Ireland and China has resulted in the documentation many objects within several museum collections which have produced a large range of reference points for future projects.  

Jane has exhibited art and design work in France, Belgium, USA and Australia. Her next major project Lightfall will be a multi media site specific solo exhibition in December 2015 at the Articulate Gallery, Sydney.