Visiting Turrell by jane gavan

Off to visit Turrell in Canberra on the weekend. Here is a screenshot of google images of his work.

Inspired by his work in preparation for the futurfall show in 2015.


Janes Turrell Screen Shots

Lightfall research images by jane gavan

This click through gallery shows a series of preliminary images for solo show called Lightfall - an  exhibition planned for Articulate gallery in 2015 

These images record tracings of pathways of light in the space- most eminating from artifical lights from above

Some tracing exercises showed that shadfow and  light shift hange through the day was imperceptible

Turner by jane gavan

 Image cpatured on a tuesday evening at 8pm on my way through the city to see the Turner film.

The film was an intense and a careful depiction of the focus that some artists can hold for their work.

A portrait drawn of a man in the form of a series of landscapes of his private worlds.

Poignant and unrelenting.

GATHER by jane gavan

My good friend and colleague, German Artist Jenny Trinks is forever urging me to spend time with my photos. In this collection called GATHER I will compile a range of stories around sets of images from my recent travels. We christened this time away Gather, as it was a chance to recharge creatively and source new and inspiring stimuli for new art works and factory community projects.

Gaudi house lightwell, Barcelona , August 2014

Jane Gavan 2014